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Liberty's Amazing Tatsuya 


I debated with myself for a long while on whether or not to include Yuuki on this website. Particularly because of akitas and huskies in the same household being a sensitive subject among akita folk due to the boom in mixing the breeds several years back.

However, as time went on, it seemed to do him a disservice by excluding him when he accomplishes so much, especially when many akita breeders have at least one dog that's not an akita on their websites, and thus here he is!

Yuuki is a show bred Siberian Husky that is co-owned with his breeder at Liberty Siberians, who is a good show friend of ours. While I myself am an akita lady through and through, my boyfriend holds a special place in his heart for Siberian Huskies, which he had owned before coming to adore the akitas.

He hadn't had one in a few years, and when we initially got together he begged to be allowed his one husky, and I wasn't about to tell him he couldn't have his own choice in dog.

The stipulation was only that he get one from my show friend so I at least knew the husky would be of sound temperament and health.

Yuuki was the early "covid puppy" that had been planned for months before the virus hit.

Though "red" wasn't my boyfriend's favorite color of husky, he absolutely fell in love with Yuuki's father the first time he attended a show with me- where we watched his father, Epic, go Best In Show! He was determined to get a puppy from Epic, and when his breeder bred him for the first time we were right on that waiting list.

Epic's sire, Kai, continues to be my favorite Siberian husky, and has been since I met him in 2017. So the bloodlines were the perfect fit for everyone involved.

While neither of us have any interest in breeding Siberian Huskies (and we certainly have even less interest in crossing the breeds, clearly), Yuuki's breeder enjoyed being able to keep a male from the breeding in her program without keeping yet another boy in her own home (where her number of males already far exceeds her number of females lol).

That, combined with me ALREADY being at the shows with the akitas, made co-owning Yuuki the best option, and I must say having a much smaller sportier dog has been a new experience!

Minka, Link, Yuuki, and sire Epic - BIS Stud Dog Award
UKC Precision Coursing - Dash
UKC Precision Coursing - Steeplechase
Sire: UKC GCH,  AKC CH KPM's Gonna Be Epic
UKC CH Liberty's Twist Of Fate