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My name is Samantha!
I have been with akitas since 2009.
My day job is being a veterinary technician.

I started in akitas way back in 2009.
I have now had them over a third of my life.

I began showing them in 2015 when I decided I was no longer going to allow my never having gotten a driver's license to hold me back from doing so, and began spending hundreds in a weekend for taxi fare!

Since then I've gone on to get my license and dog ruled vehicle.
We have been showing frequently ever since.

Here at Tokuguay Akitas we believe in health testing above and beyond breed requirements. For CHIC certification akitas need Hips, Eyes, and Thyroid tested. We do the following on our dogs:

  • Hips
  • Elbows
  • Patella
  • Thyroid
  • Eyes
  • Cardiac
  • Dentition
  • Degenerative Myelopathy
  • Primary Lens Luxation
  • Hyperuricosuria

At Tokuguay Akitas, we have AKC American Akitas.

We do not have Japanese Akita Inu in our home, though our eldest female has some Japanese lines from the early 90's several generations back in her.

While we may show in various registries, we use AKC as our home base registry, and every dog, as well as all of our litters, are AKC registered.

All of our dog are house pets.

We do not have kennels at our home. We utilize gates and crates as necessary (especially when someone is in heat, or we have a young puppy), but we 100% believe that each akita deserves to be an active member of the family. Thus you will find that at no point do we ever have more than 6 dogs in our personal home, and we often co-own any additional dogs we would still like to keep in our program but know we could not house as we would want. 

You will find that most of our dogs are multi-titled.
We show in both conformation as well as performance events.
Every year we try more new things!
Some dogs like sports more than the ring, or vice versa, and some will do it all.
I've been blessed with two amazing girls that love to do almost anything, and have continued to show conformation into their veteran years.

Our eldest, Raja, may have sadly passed away back in April of 2022 at 11.5 years old, but she lived for the attention.
This is a photo of the last time she was ever in the show ring at 9 and a half!

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