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Stud Service

Here at Tokuguay Akitas, we do offer stud service to approved females.

If you are interested in using the males on this page as a stud, you will have to thoroughly read and agree to our terms written on the top half of this page.
If you are not willing to agree to these terms there is no point in contacting us for stud service, because we will turn you down, even if you have an amazing dog with an amazing pedigree. We offer this service NOT to make money, but to occasionally add new bloodlines to our own or help others do the same, and it is a privilege not a right.

The requirements are as follows:

  • Female must be at minimum two years of age, and no older than six years of age.

  • Advanced notice of intent to breed must be given. We will not breed to a female that on first contact is already in heat.

  • Female MUST be registered with the AKC, and have FULL registration.

  • Female must have her DNA submitted to AKC. This confirms her DNA matches her pedigree per what AKC has on file. This is $45 via AKC if prepaid, or $50 if you pay when you send the DNA kit back to AKC. Please do not take this as us not trusting YOU specifically, we have known people in the area that have falsified papers, and thus are paranoid now. Trust- but verify. 

  • Your female must have OFA health clearances done prior to the breeding taking place. If you need help locating a reputable OFA vet, we can refer you to ours. It will cost roughly $450 pending price changes out of our control for Hips, Elbows, Patellas, Cardiac, and Thyroid. The closest OFA Eyes location to us is in Elgin, IL and is $80. These test all together will cost only about 1/3 of what you will likely charge for a single puppy and is not an unreasonable request. We are firm on this requirement.

  • You must be willing to provide a copy of her pedigree. I must see at minimum a 5 generation pedigree, but will likely look further back past that. If you only have the 3 generation AKC copy I can typically pull up further back generations online.

  • We will not breed to a female that has on her AKC pedigree any dogs with registration numbers starting with "UR", which stands for unregistered. This means that the dogs were born in the USA and not initially registered with the AKC, and were instead APRI, CKC, or ACA registered and progeny pedigrees were transferred back to AKC- potentially without parentage DNA verified.

  • Brucellosis test required prior to breeding, with negative result, or breeding will be done via side by side artificial insemination.

  • Our price for stud fee is OUR pick of litter. Most likely our personal choice of puppy is not going to be the same as yours as we are particular about what we are looking for out of our own dogs. Said pick of litter will either be kept by us or co-own home, or placed in a companion home as we see fit. In case of breeding resulting in a singleton puppy, terms will be discussed case by case.

  • The only puppies allowed to have full registration are those you keep/co-own (however many you wish) and the puppy back we receive. If a puppy you keep/co-own is then sold after registration you are required to either spay/neuter before the puppy leave or withhold papers until home provides proof of spay/neuter. Pet quality pups should only be placed in pet homes. Puppies cannot go on full registration to other breeders sans you or the breeder/co-owner of your female.

  • As we are looking for our choice of puppy from the breeding instead  of a monetary fee, and also insist on all puppies in the litter having registration completed, we require that the litter be registered via AKC's EZ Registration. Litter will not be registered until our pick pup is in our hands. Registration is then done as usual ($25 + $2 per puppy), then EZ Registration completed. For EZ Registration you must pre-pay each puppy's registration at $20 per puppy (which you are free to tack onto the cost of each puppy to the puppy buyer). This makes the actual entire cost of registering the litter $25 + $22 per puppy. You then fill out each puppy home's information under their individual files and process registration for the owners. Email copy of certificate is immediately received by puppy home and mail copy typically within 1 week pending mail service speeds at the time. Puppy homes do not get individual registration forms, you simply click the process button when each puppy leaves to their new home. Time between you registering the litter, me approving stud use via email, and individual puppies being able to be registered is mere minutes instead of days/weeks. Via EZ Registration you can also 100% lock a puppy as Limited or Full registration, as well as lock in your kennel name being at the start of the puppy's name regardless of whether that kennel name is registered with the AKC.

  • No puppies resulting from the breeding are to be sold to puppymills, brokers, laboratories, or puppy stores.

  • Puppies must be whelped and raised inside your home, not outside in the dirt, kennel, or kennel building.

It seems like a lot, and it is, but they are all relatively simple/easy requirements, and anything that costs money you will more than make back when puppies are sold, and NONE of the money goes to me.

These things benefit you in the long run (knowing the health of your individual dog, and helping ensure that the pups your produce and place in homes do not end up with health issues you are on the line for as their breeder later on).

I am willing to provide any information you need on anything mentioned above, and am more than willing to work with you on things. The goal is to produce healthy, well tempered puppies, and get them into wonderful homes while also carrying on bloodlines.

Additional things I do NOT require/ban, that others commonly do? :

  • Your female is not required to have titles, whether that be shown in the ring, or via performance events. While we do encourage you to do things with your dogs, we realize that not everyone can dedicate the time to exhibit or sport with their dogs, and that some dogs just absolutely HATE the ring and sports, we too have been there. But if you do not currently show, and are interested in potentially starting, I can work with you to get your dogs in the ring, starting with the UKC, at no cost sans your dog's entry fees. I am happy to help new people show, and welcome more local akita attendance at shows.

  • While we do require that your dog not have been born with any disqualifying faults (see breed standard), we are NOT anti-long coat, and if an ear/tail has dropped due to documented minor injury we will not penalize them if the dog is otherwise a good representation of the breed structurally and via pedigree, and healthy in both body and mind.

(Click on Razzy's photo to go to his page!)

Razzy will be available for stud service after January 2023, when he has his remaining OFAs done.

We hope to put more titles on Razzy in the future!

Razz's titles/wins thus far:
- UKC Major Pointed towards his CH title

Razz's OFAs thus far:
- Patellas (Normal)
- Cardiac (Normal)

Stay tuned for updates!

(Click on Yuuki's photo to go to his page!)

Yuuki will be available for stud service after January 2023, when he has his remaining OFAs done.

Because he is co-owned with his breeder, and we will not be breeding Siberian Huskies, any females must have his breeder's approval. Our personal requirements will still apply however.

We hope to put more titles on Yuuki in the future!

Yuuki's titles/wins thus far:
- UKC Champion (UKC CH)

- UKC Grand Champion (UKC GCH)

- IABCA International Champion (INT'L CH)

- AKC Virtual Home Manners Puppy (VHMP)

- AKC Novice Trick Dog (TKN)

- UKC Precision Coursing Sprint (RACEN)

- UKC Precision Coursing Sprint (RACEA)

- UKC Precision Coursing Dash (DASH)

- UKC Precision Coursing Steeplechase (HOP)

- AKC Fast CAT "B" (BCAT)

- Additional legs in Precision Coursing Sprint, Dash, and Steeplechase

- Legs in UKC Lure Coursin Aptitude (2/3)

Yuuki's OFAs thus far:
- Patellas (Normal)

- Eyes (Normal)
- Cardiac (Normal)
- Dentition (Normal)

- B Locus : Chocolate Coloring (Carrier)

- D Locus : Blue Coloring (Negative, non carrier)

- Degenerative Myelopathy (Negative, non carrier)

- Hyperuricosuria (Negative, non carrier)

- Primary Lens Luxation (Negative, non carrier)

- PRA PRCD (Negative, non carrier)

Stay tuned for updates!