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Ootjhov's Spark Of Mischief At Tokuguay

Stiles was given to us as a "puppy back" in agreement with a breeder we placed his father with as a pup.
His father is a Riggs x Raja son, and his mother is out of one of a friend's stud I so loved.

Unfortunately despite knowing I planned to show him, and insisting he had a particular temperament, Stiles arrived to me the exact opposite, running on jet fuel, and difficult to handle. After toughing it out for 2 months, I finally had to admit to myself he needed more 1-on-1 focus and would benefit from less dogs in the house as he was such a dominant pup he was trying to start things with adults quite a few years his senior.

I offered him under co-own to someone with 2 others from me, both females. I retained breeding rights, and said I would show him, and he could be bred to their younger female once they were older and health testing had been done. I got the opportunity to show him when he was 8 months old, where he thankfully finishes his UKC champion in one long weekend, taking various Group placements including first in the process. However, as he was when younger, he was still quite dominant, and a handful, and had to be tightly restrained up until the moment he entered the ring because he wanted a go at every dog present. He thankfully was good with the judges, and the potential for dog aggression is written into the breed standard. But after one weekend I said he was done showing UKC, and that she was not allowed to try and show him without me present for liability reasons. Stiles is, and always will be, registered in my name alone.

Unfortunately, his co-owner and full time mom is partially disabled and had brain surgery.
It became apparent before he even hit 2 years old that she was unable to manage an intact male. He sired 2 oops litters with the younger female (older than him thankfully), both prior to either dog having any OFAs done sans the few minor test run on Stiles as a pup. For the second litter he destroyed every single internal door in her large house to get to her.

They ended up keeping a daughter, and already upset they had 2 oops breedings, I was highly concerned about him living in the same home as his intact daughter. I decided it was for the best that I sacrifice him as a potential stud, and insisted he be neutered to prevent any more oops litters, with the daughter or her mother.

However, two of my show friends have daughters of his, so I will be able to pick the line back up later on, and both parties will be blunt and honest with me about temperament before a pup comes to me.

OFA Notes: As stated above, follow through never happened with Stiles' OFAs past what I had done on him before he went to his co-own home. Outside of what is here, during his neuter he had eyelid surgery to fix allergy related entropion without my consent, despite her knowing it was allergy related and the allergy had to be narrowed down and eliminated, not corrective surgery without fixing the cause first. None of Stiles' relatives have entropion nor his 3 daughters I am in contact with.

Sire: Tokuguay's Autumn Copper Fantasy By Ootjhovs
Dam: Ootjhov's Red Sonya Warrior Princess