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Namika's Razz Ma Tazz

Razzy is a huge, goofy boy that came to us October 2022 just a month and a half short of 5 years old.

We weren't actively looking for another akita at the time, let alone a near middle aged adult, but he caught my eye.
I fell for Razzy hard and fast in a way that hadn't happened since I saw puppy Riggs.

As it would turn out, Razz was owned and raised (but not produced) by the woman that had Sasha's parents for years.

She was shifting over to all small breed dogs, and though attached to Razz, she thought placing him would be best.

I've always had a strong preference for brindles...

We had lost Raja back in April...

I had been trying to find a show bred brindle for almost 10 years...

Even though he was an adult, and had never been a house dog, I just could NOT get him out of my head.

We decided to make it work, and honestly, I'm so very glad we did!

Razzy is an incredibly sweet, submissive, giant teddy bear.

He reminds me so much of Sasha, who is forever our heart-dog, and manages to have a few traits that only Raja has had so far out of all my dogs, things I had always been very fond of.

Though he's had a late start to both being a house pet, and a show dog, I genuinely can't wait to see how he turns out!

As Razzy is still so very new to us, and his previous owner had been moving away from akitas for quite some time, he has not yet had much health testing.

So far he is:

- OFA Patellas Normal

- OFA Basic Cardiac Normal