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UKC Major Ptd.

Tokuguay's Kuro Keshi No Ojo

OFA Notes: Poppy's OFAs have 2 points of discussion. For eyes (distichiasis) she had an eyelash hair that grew in an odd place, but her test was normal. Poppy did fail her elbows, which would normally be concerning if she hadn't had significant damage done to both (that I had unfortunately underestimated the severity of), and the scars to show for it. She had gotten both elbows grabbed hard in a hormone related dog brawl, and punctured in multiple places. Other than initial swelling, bleeding, and course of amoxi she was seemingly fine in a few days. After her specific case I'll insist on x-rays if a similar situation has occurred for documentation. Both her parents (Riggs and Raja) tested normal for elbows.

Poppy was our keeper Riggs x Raja pup.

She was a shy, sweet girl that honestly HATED the show ring.

We thought we finished her UKC Champion title and retired her from the ring, but we oops had a judge overlap on her majors. Thus she never finished despite having all of her points and 3 Majors.

She was a petite female, though she made height at 25 inches at the withers. Ultimately we would have preferred a heavier built pup from Raja, but we got unlucky with the best pups ending up long coats, and I wasn't brave enough then to keep one. But Poppy was a good girl, very sweet, loved to cuddle, and while she was very leery of new people she did warm up to them pretty quickly.

Poppy was not a good mother- in the sense that she didn't need to be one. She was gentle with puppies and took care of them, but she had whelping issues with every litter, small litter sizes, and Sasha ended up raising her puppies each time. Litters only had a few pups, Puppies were born quite small, and she never produced a proper amount of milk. Because of these issues we did not keep from her, and she retired quite young. We tried to give things a chance, that things were a fluke, but ultimately being a companion was what was best for Poppy.

She is now retired and living in Panama!

Sire: UKC Ptd. Tokuguay's Bat-Hound Sgt Riggs CGC
Dam: MBVIS UKC/INT'L Ch, HVCH, VET-HVCH Tokuguay's Haiena No Ojo TKN