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After Midnight's Light Your Fire At Tokuguay

Petra was a sort of unplanned surprise addition to our home!

She's a beautiful red brindle female.

Petra is the lone survivor of a friend's litter, and was raised with an unrelated dog's litter.

She fought with coccidia that she was born with from an unsymptomatic mother the first few months of life. It took several fecal tests to find the coccidia, and two rounds of treatment to get rid of it. As I work at a vet's office, and adored her, we took her in knowing she was probably going to have some growth stunting from the medication resistant parasite.

She eventually kicked it to the wind, and has since gone on to thrive. She makes breed standard height, but just barely. However, her size has nothing to do with her genetics, and she will later go on to produce children who will be larger than her, pending she passes her health testing.

She's a feisty girl that is very much "all-akita" in personality, and we suspect she will rule the home when Sasha is no longer in charge of the clan. She is however incredibly sweet, and a very driven, athletic dog that we hope to sport.

As a puppy she took home many Best In Show Puppy wins, but as an adult struggles to place over dogs larger than her. So conformation might just not end up being her thing. She does however love lure coursing!

Petra's health testing has only just begun. She's had the following done but not yet submitted to OFA:

- Embark Health/Coat Panel

- OFA Eyes Normal