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Finesses Jotunn Prince Of Tokuguay

Loki is a sweet submissive boy. He's VERY large, and height wise is always the tallest when next to another akita, coming in at just over 28 inches at the shoulder. It was unfortunately very hard to keep weight on him, and when we did show him judges often found he looked too immature even at 2 years old, but a few years of growing since helped that a lot.

He was very easy to train, and I had hoped to start performance events with him, until he was unfortunately washed from dog events. While he can still show AKC and IABCA, I became gun shy when he was banned from UKC events after an incident while another dog lunged at him. While I had him by the collar and under control, a friend of the handler of the other dog thought the best course of action was to jump in between the two dogs and roar in Loki's face to "distract him", and he spooked and nipped her chest. No skin was broken, but she threw such a fuss a report had to be filed, which removed him from UKC events. I felt horrible for the situation, especially when he was only there to special him, and none of the situation was his fault.

Afterwards I was so paranoid I stopped showing him all together.

Loki has sired a few litters for me.

Unfortunately he didn't produce quite as hoped, and it's now been a few years since he's been bred.

He had a couple REALLY nice pups, like our Hela, but for the most part his genes weren't overly compatible with our girls.

Loki now lives in Missouri with a friend of ours who hopes to take him back into the AKC show ring.

He has proven to produce showier puppies with her lines than he did with ours, so we hope to someday take home a show pup from him!

OFA Notes: Loki has also been tested via UC Davis' Akita Genetic Diversity testing. Underneath the white (as in, if he had not inherited 2 copies of "e" to be "recessive red-type white"), he is a brindle pinto marked dog. He first DNA tested as brindle through UC Davis (later confirmed via breeding), and he also tested as a carrier for the chocolate gene. Loki is also a long coat carrier.

Sire: Am GCh Day Dream's Wake Um & Shake Um ROM
Dam: Finesses Goddess Of Beauty-Athena