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After Midnight's The Viking Kotka At Tokuguay

OFA Notes: Kotka did unfortunately fail her OFA Hip finals with a Mild. Her hip sockets were just slightly too shallow. No remodeling or laxity. Though both parents were passing it ended up something her father was throwing on occasion, to which he was then retired to a pet home. We did not complete further testing on Kotka after these results, and she was eventually returned to her breeder with no hard feelings, as sometimes these things just happen. We can do all of the health testing offered to us, but some genetic combos are not a match, and sometimes a parent dog will be clear themselves but not their progeny. This is why health testing is so important, you cannot assume one will be clear!
Sire: Blue Moon's Midnight Run
Dam: Allen's Show Me The Evidence

Kotka came to us from a friend of mine in PA. She was not a show bred dog, but I was quite fond of both of her parents. She was eternally a puppy and a total powerhouse energy wise. She was always very go-go-go and frequently had the zoomies. She was happiest when she was filthy, and to this day is the only dog I've had to fully bathe-groom for each day of a show, as she'd surely find something to roll in over night that you could never find the source of! She had quite the prey drive, and would frequently snatch birds out of the air much to everyone's horror. She was trained for weight pull, and enjoyed it, but never did get to compete. Kotka was retired prematurely in 2018 after health tests didn't come back as we hoped, and life issues forced us to downsize. She returned to her breeder mid 2018, where she still resides and is doing well.

Kotka's father, Memphis, was related to our Riggs via lines rather than individual dogs, and did have a short show career that was put on hold for him to fill out, before he was ultimately retired from breeding before he could return to the ring.

Her mother was from an entirely pet-bred bloodline that often produced white faced reds despite being 100% American lines, though the man's original stock came from Japan in the 70's before the separate breeds began to split. We liked a lot of his early dogs, but as an elderly man eventually his family took over and health and structure of the line began to decline. We're thrilled to have owned the daughter of one of his end of the run lines before family took over.