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Tokuguay's Sweet Child O Mine

Hela is the gorgeous brindle daughter of Loki and Sasha.

She is everything i was looking for out of that paring in everything but size. She's well within breed height, but she's very square like Loki so she appears overall smaller. This is less extreme now that she's filled out nicely. 

Hela was my first to start showing via the puppy class. She took to showing very nicely, and earned multiple Reserve Best Puppy In Show wins with huge puppy groups. Unfortunately we had a big gap between puppy class and adult waiting on her height, and by the time she was grown we only had the opportunity to show her one more weekend. There she earned her IABCA International Champion title, and had group placings via Bred By Exhibitor group.

Shortly after we had to emergency move and downsize, and Hela left with Kotka to go to my friend (Kotka's breeder) in PA, where she remained co-owned, but did not returned to the show ring.

She was very testy with boys when in heat, and had not been successfully bred despite multiple attempts over a few years, so the choice to have her professionally artificially inseminated was made.

Late December of 2020 Hela gave birth to our miracle pup Evie. 

We are so grateful we got a single pup to carry on Sasha's line.

She was spayed after her singleton puppy in early 2021, and was adopted out to a forever companion home in Ohio as of early 2022.