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After Midnight's Bound Wolf At Tokuguay

Fen is a beautiful, large, sweet black/silver male that came to us September 2020 just a few days shy of 1 year old.

He was initially placed in a companion home, but was later returned to his breeder. Though his breeder would have loved to have kept him as he had turned out so nicely, she was mid life-change, and instead she offered him to us, having been friends for years.

Fen is the grandson of his breeder's Cyrus, who will always be one of our favorite dogs (Cyrus is also Stiles' grandfather), and the son of Cyrus' daughter Lola. We had been a big fan of Lola since she had been 8 weeks old, and we were thrilled when she first became a UKC Champion, then later an AKC Champion. Fen's father Diesel is also from lines we were fond of in RIggs. Though Fen's pedigree might not look like much on paper title wise, he is backed by plenty of beautiful dogs with amazing temperaments, we know the lines well, and we believe Fen's show record speaks for itself.

In a single month, starting just weeks after coming home to us, Fen earned his VDS "HVCH" title, his UKC Champion title, his AKC Virtual Home Manners Adult title, took BOW at his first AKC show over 4 females and earned his first AKC point, and earned 2 of his 5 majors towards his UKC Grand Champion title.

He's since gone on to become our second UKC Grand Champion, and one heck of a lure coursing dog!

Unfortunately, in September of 2021 we did Fen's final OFA testing, and despite being non-symptomatic and having no remodeling, his hip score came back as "Moderate" due to how shallow the sockets are.

Fen was neutered in October of 2021.

He remains with us, having retired to simply being a loved house pet, and may attend events from time to time.

Sire: HVCH After Midnight's Up In Smoke
Dam: AKC/UKC Ch After Midnight's She Gets What She Wants
UKC Precision Coursing - Dash
UKC Precision Coursing - Steeplechase